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These checklists are designed as an aid to assist tax payers in considering all matters with regards to the completeness of their overall tax obligations. The checklists are a series of questions raising tax issues that need special consideration if applicable. Completing the questions in the checklists will help to ensure you have considered all relevant issues.

Please consider this section only a guideline for preparation of your income tax return, and it is not formal tax advice. Please refer to our “Privacy and Disclaimer

Tax Return Main Checklists

We suggest you complete and consider those main checklists relevant to your circumstances. Depending on your circumstances and events for the current year, it may be necessary for you consider the use of supplementary checklists, which flow from these main checklists.

Main checklists include the following types of taxpayer (click to dowload):

Supplementary Checklists

You need only complete these checklists if they are relevant to you. A question in the main checklist for each type taxpayer will determine whether a supplementary checklist is relevant.

These are (click to download):

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